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Flashrazze´s staff application Empty Flashrazze´s staff application

Post  Flashrazze on Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:08 pm


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Flashrazze´s staff application Empty Re: Flashrazze´s staff application

Post  Gadrin on Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:43 am

Great, extended piece of writing, I never seen an application like yours, so well done. "Well the first thing you must know, is that i dont play Minecraft 5 hours a day, because i have other responsibilities, like my high school." Great, as long as you join the serverregulary im happy enought, I dont need a 24/7 mods on my server Smile "or just use different malicius programs to take advantage over other players." I dont like the way it sounds, well think about it. "Dont worrie i act as mature as i can on the server, and when u will know me for some time, you will see that it is true. Personally, i have already ran a Bukkit server with plugins, so i would help people that would have plugin or other similar problems." Ok, you will have time to prove that you are right. "(sorry but i dont know if you allow mods to ban on the server)" Yes they can, but only if there is nothing else to do.

Well, ok, I need mods, I need a lot of them. But I need good mods. Now you sound very convincing but. Are you that good?
Well we can find that out

Chosen as mod

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