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Post  Aurum_Crescent on Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:39 am

Why a forum mod is a question that will pop up in your head. You have already moderators. Well for first moderators are supposed to handle in-game stuff. A forum mod only focus his duties on the forums, so that everyone can understand the things there. When a forum is more active, many mistakes can be made. That is why you need a forum mod. Forum moderators do not have any in-game powers, they are normal players there.

Name: Aurum Crescent
Real Name: Erwin Korsten
Age: 21

First of all, why should you choose me as a forum mod?
That reason is simple. I do not want to become a moderator in-game. I want a server where I can play as a normal player, but as always a way to help out the host. I have decent knowledge of managing forums and knowledge of HTML and PHP. I have made several sites before. As a former host of different servers, and an admin in many others, I have seen many mistakes made on forums of a server. I normally help a server out till everything is sorted when I become one, but this is where I will stay.

Most of the time, normal moderators do not use the forums correctly. A simple reason of this is that they don't take the time or don't have the time. Informing people in-game makes it hard to get everything to your players, but informing on the forums makes things easier.

Also people need to format their posts to make things more easy to read. I have seen even you made a mistake with that. The use of different forum features like quotes makes things easier to read. This is a simple mistake done by many. But that is not all. The forums aren't used to their full potential. The following is a simple example: When you promise to give them diamonds in-game by registering, a central post should be made where they can request it and where the moderator or admin who gave it must post to prevent a simple way of cheating. This way everything can be checked and takes off some workload of you. This also decreases the amount of admins or mods needed in-game. I have the experience by helping another host with the forums, with simple guides and stuff, for which I became a moderator.

What can you expect from me?
I am calm and believe in second chances. Everyone can make mistakes and write down things they don't want to. On the forums I remove the part which is offensive and give the person a warning. Also I make things more clear on the forums, convert every command in-game that players can use in a single post and also place the small tutorial on the forums. The reason for this is simple, it is easier to read on the forums.

If some new forums are added, like townforums for each town (which was very helpful to reach everyone for their opinion), I can help you to set everything up. I do plan to add some topics where people can easily learn what happened on the server. I also plan to make the staff post why a person was banned, by simple giving the rules a code. Rule 1, Rule 2 does not work well for this. Giving them codes like General Rule 1 (G1) and Fair Play Rule 1 (F1) can make people easier to know what kind of rules were broken. This allows the staff to faster post the reason to ban on the forums.

Also I am supporting in-game and on the forums. I do check the forums frequently, more than being in-game and can quickly provide help when needed. I do also talk with those who are banned and the mod who banned to give the others a fair view on what really happened. I have seen some innocent getting banned because some admin did think he did do it, and I want to prevent this from happening here. If there is something that can make or break a server, it is the share of information. And the best way is to use the forums.

Skype: aurum.crescent

I do not want any in-game powers for in return. I only want the forums to be enjoyable for everyone. Some people only stay on the forums and for those I want to be there. Anyway I will still keep my advertising up for this server with a link on my site.
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Aurum Crescent's forum mod application Empty Re: Aurum Crescent's forum mod application

Post  Gadrin on Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:07 am

I trust you will be very helpful, I belive that I rushed the forum, and did not develop it any further, but this must change. You said that is it easier to read rules/tutorials on forum. Yes I added tutorials on the website I had before I changed the host.
But the reason I dont do it anymore is because no one would ever read it. But I belive we can change this, so I hope you are with me.

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