How to format your trades?

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How to format your trades? Empty How to format your trades?

Post  Aurum_Crescent on Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:46 am

Having a shop can be annoying. Why don't you sell stuff? What are you doing wrong? Nothing, except that you don't have a clear post here for advertising.

There are two ways to sell stuff. Either you create a shop or have an auction. But if you have created a shop, how to get profit.

First thing to do is to make your shop known. That is what you can do here. You can also start an auction, but lets get to that later.

You post where they can find your shop. If you are in a town that allows people from other towns to spawn in yours, it will be easier. If they have a shopping district with arrows, it is even easier. Just post a screenshot of your shop and draw a map how to reach it makes people more interested in it. This can be first or the last part of your post. As last it is better.

Include your prices in the post. Tell them what you sell and for how much. Also tell what you buy. Make it easy to read. These forums use tables, so that can be used to make a good list with prices, as shows below.
Item Price Buying for
Cobblestone (64x) 10 20
Iron (5x) 7535

Once you have done that, post it. Don't expect to earn a lot of profit at once. Just look at the market price and change yours.

For auctions, you just simple format your post like this:

Item name
s/b: (means starting bid, if any)
c/o: (current offer)
a/w (away for, if they want it directly)

Auctions are simple to sell stuff. You don't have to place it in a shop. It can be a lot harder to find a person who you can trade with, but it will generally sell for a lot more. It also takes longer.

Now you know how to correctly write a post to sell. Any posts that does not follow this format can be harder to understand, but it is allowed, unless of course it is unreadable.
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How to format your trades? Empty Re: How to format your trades?

Post  MegaHans on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:40 pm

Thanks for the list, i'll be using that the next time i do anything for trade (well, you're our merchant... sooo)

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